Ph.D. in Private Law

The PhD in Private Law program aims to provide students with the opportunity to take courses that will equip them with an enhanced competence in both fundamental and advanced areas of private law. Notably, it is imperative that jurists master both national and international regulations so that they can analyse complex legal relations that arise due to globalisation and the internationalisation of private law relations. In this regard, students of the PhD in Private Law Program who want to specialise in their preferred areas will have access to the necessary academic guidance and support within the scope of the courses given by the faculty members competent in both Turkish and International Law. Furthermore, the program offers methodology courses aimed at improving the ability to work in accordance with academic methods and providing students with a solid operational background. Students can then make good use of this knowledge base and skill of analysis in their case studies.
The program consists of courses taught in English and Turkish, and the candidates are expected to have advanced academic Turkish and English proficiency.

Admission Requirements          - TOEFL IBT (at least 87) (*) or
         - IELTS (at least 6.5 average and 5.5 from each section) or
         - Bilkent PAE (at least C)
          (*) TOEFL iBT "Special Home Edition" test results will not be accepted.

(Students who graduated from a law school abroad must submit their equivalence certificates approved by the Council of Higher Education (YÖK).)

Online Application:

INTERVIEW DATE: 30 June 2021

The Curriculum of the PhD in Private Law Program

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