Legal Clinics

Violence Against Women Legal Clinic

In law clinics, which aim to use the theoretical legal knowledge of law students to solve concrete conflicts arising from real-life relationships, students identify a problem, research the necessary information to solve this problem, solve the problem, and learn by experience.

There are different types of law clinics. Students of Bilkent University Faculty of Law carried out studies on a voluntary basis within the framework of the "Street Law Clinic" (Law in Everyday Life / Law for All / Legal Literacy Clinic) (Street-Law / Legal Literacy Clinic). In this clinical work, students make sociological determinations about the legal problems encountered in daily life and produce legal remedies for the problems they have identified and share them with the needy groups in various ways.

The law clinic team of Bilkent University Law Faculty, working on the issue of violence against women, met regularly to identify the problem centers of violence against women in different legal fields. They rake through the legislation and jurisprudence regarding the legal problems they detected. They contacted various institutions and organizations. Later, they worked in groups, created a problem catalog and developed suggestions for a solution. They came up with ideas about how and in what ways they could disseminate all this information they had acquired in a remarkable way.

As a result of the project, the legal clinic team made a presentation to be held within the scope of our university's "Introduction to University Life" (GE-100) activities. In this presentation, they prepared a fictional event that they compiled from "violence"-oriented events that happened to them and heard from around them. Thus, they drew the attention of young people who are just starting university to the importance and reality of the subject. They both formed a conceptual basis in the students' minds and conveyed what kind of path should be followed when faced with such a situation.

In addition to this, the legal clinic team wanted to contribute to raising awareness on the subject with printed notice such as posters and brochures. They prepared different visuals and dialogues about the problems they identified, and they designed posters that emphasized the importance of not normalizing violence.

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